Bunk Beds and a Pumpkin Patch | Mini Pay It Forward Tour 2019

The trip for all five cars to Cedar Rapids was only going to be delayed for one thing: Iowa's. Largest. Frying. Pan. Except for one car which charged on ahead only to arrive at our weekend housing site without a key and a slightly steamed engine. We arrived at the church ready for what our Mini Pay It Forward Tour had in store for us. The next morning, we arrived at our service project site. It's a rickety warehouse that looked nothing like the warm, energetic faces that greeted us. They're called Sleep in Heavenly Peace, and their mission is that no child have to sleep on the floor of their own home. Including the other groups, there must have been 35 of us. After 3 hours, we had assembled 20 bunk beds and branded our own souvenir wood slab with the letters "SHP".

After all our hard work, we went back to our housing and made ourselves some lunch. Then, it was off to the pumpkin patch. We saw farm animals, attempted to navigate a corn maze, and some took the opportunity to take some killer photos. We still needed more Fall, so we drove a few more miles to an apple orchard where we went on hayrides, picked apples, and ran them short on apple cider donuts.

We came back and relaxed with some volleyball, games, and homework. Then, we dove into our leadership activities, one of the cornerstones of our organization and the Pay It Forward Tours. Then we fell asleep to a movie.

We set out the next morning in search of breakfast. Much to the dismay of our Cedar Rapidians on the trip, a coffee shop they loved had closed down, so we had to improvise and find another place. We ended the trip with a great breakfast and then headed back home to Cedar Falls.

Where should we go on our Mini PIFT next year? Where do you think we're going on the Spring Break Pay It Forward Tour this year?

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